This slot from IGT is actually a sequel, updated, slot game based on their popular slot game DaVinci Diamonds. The theme for both of these is rather abstract but reflect pretty well visually. This is because essentially it is the mash up the title suggests, Leonardo Da Vinci meets diamonds and essentially shining gems. The essence of this is that it combines the artistry and history associated with the well-known artist with the colour, brilliance and general fascination we all have of diamonds.

With DaVinci Diamonds Dual Play players probably will hardly even notice the theme though because the Dual Play feature of this game incorporates a second set of 5 reels below the first, so players practically play two interconnected games at the same time. There are 40 pay lines that run across both sets of reels and the main game feature of this slot is the tumbling reels, where winning symbols disappear from the reels after each spin, awarding the wins from it and then tumbling the reels down to fill the now empty slots.

Visual Appearance of DaVinci Diamonds Dual Play

Understandably the slot game entitled DaVinci Diamonds Dual Play is layered with shiny gemstones and mild inclinations toward Da Vinci. The slot is definitely colourful, but the colour choice and arrangement is done in such a way that it makes it not too intensive on the eyes, enabling players a non-strenuous experience, while still visually appealing. The ambience created with this slot is also rather entertaining, and whilst most every slot sound track gets repetitive, the atmosphere it creates on the reels is land based level immersive.

The symbols players can expect in a slot like DaVinci Diamonds Dual Play, where the theme itself isn’t all too clear, is simply the same mash up that this slot is based on. There are several symbols of lavish looking jewels and gems, as well as a few stylised symbols of some of Da Vinci’s famous paintings. This actually makes for quite a stunning appearance, two sets of 5 reel slots, one below the other, tumbling down after winning spins and adorned with all manner of shiny gemstone and artistry of the highest calibre.

DaVinci Diamonds Dual Play Internet Slot

The DaVinci Diamonds Dual Play Slot Bonuses

So visually this slot impresses but with the bonus features it really is make or break. Getting off to a splendid start with its tumbling reels feature however, DaVinci Diamonds Dual Play slot seems to be on the right track already. The tumbling reels feature does occur after every winning spin, the symbols that were a part of the winning combinations for that spin are removed and the remaining symbols slot into those vacant spaces, with new symbols then forming on the top of the reels and filling in from there. This only ends if no new combinations form.

Like offers in cricket betting, An additional feature to these tumbling reels in DaVinci Diamonds Dual Play is the tumble thru feature. With this some of the top symbols can drop down to the lower reels and replace unused symbols. Like features in various games, there are also a Wild symbol in this game and a free spins bonus that triggers when the extra pay lines bonus symbols appear on the first 3 reels, this triggers 6 free spins and adds an additional 20 pay lines, 60 total, to the reels. Definitely make.