Online Blackjack has taken the world by storm and for over decade has kept players thrilled and enthralled, all in the comfort of their own homes. Offering an excellent alternative to playing in a land based casino, online Blackjack offers players in South Africa a myriad of advantages.

A card comparing game that’s easy to learn, yet one that can take an age to master, Blackjack offers players the unique advantage of being on an even footing with the house. By using strategy, players are able to reduce the house edge and to influence the outcome of a game. This makes online Blackjack all the more rewarding and players who are able to implement even the most basic of strategy are sure to benefit.

Understanding Online Blackjack

Blackjack isn’t a complicated game and many players are pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to learn. The need for strategy and skill comes in when players have to decide whether to Hit, Stand or Split.

The aim of the game is two fold and players must build a hand that equals 21 or as close to as possible, all whilst beating the dealer. This doesn’t sound tricky but you have limited time chances to do so and that’s where strategy comes in to play.

To start both the player and the dealer are dealt 2 cards. Both players’ cards will be face down, whilst the dealer usually has 1 card facing up. This gives players an idea of what will be in the dealer’s hand and what they are up against. If either the player or the dealer has a hand that equals 21, a winner is immediately declared, however, if this is not the case players can opt to Hit and take another card, Stand and retain their status quo, or split, and separate their hand into two, of which each will be played on its own merit.

Card values are assigned to each card, with an Ace being worth either 1 or 11, a value that’s decided upon by the player. Jack, Queen and Kings are all worth 10 and numbered cards are all worth their depicted value. Blackjack is the name given to a hand where the cards equal exactly 21, for example an Ace and a Queen, and this hand is the one that players try their hardest to attain.

Online Blackjack Options

Selection of Online Blackjack Options

There are a vast number of real money Blackjack games available online, with some casinos offering as many as 40 or more different types of the game. Every game is played in much the same way, but the number of decks used, the hands played or the rules may differ slightly.

Popular online Blackjack variants include European, Atlantic City and Vegas Blackjack, as well as Pontoon, a game that’s very similar in nature. Blackjack tournaments are held regularly online and players can enjoy taking on one another and pitting their skills against fellow enthusiasts. Progressive Blackjack and live dealer online Blackjack games add a new element to this card comparing entertainment and players can enjoy world class action and the chance to win big whenever they choose.