Jenga was created by a Mr Leslie Scott in 1983, and the simplicity of the game, requiring players to try to form a tower of 18 levels using 54 wooden blocks, took the world by storm. Players remove blocks from the tower singly, and the one who removes the block that collapses the tower loses.

Cryptologic has taken Jenga to a new level, by developing it as an online game for players to enjoy. The rules differ significantly however, and a thorough understanding of these variations is vital for profitable play.

The Online Slots Transformation of Jenga

Cryptologic’s Jenga online slot game can be played in both free mode and for real money rewards, with a choice of activating between nine and 18 lines. Bets range from 0.2 to 20, so players of any betting preference will be catered for. The only real decision players need to make when they play this unique game online is how much they would like to wager, and how many lines they wish to activate. The player then begins the game and awaits the outcome.

The virtual tower is comprised of 54 blocks of various colours that combine to form 54 levels of three blocks each on the main screen. If a level is formed of three blocks of one colour a payout is made. Neighbouring blocks that are the same colour as the initial three blocks, both above and below, also contribute to the winnings.

Winning blocks occasionally disappear from the tower, totally randomly, and bonus blocks then fall down. Paying combos are also made in this manner.

Jenga Casino Slot Interface

Easy Interface for Cryptologic’s Jenga

Players of any skill level will be able to enjoy this game, as the graphics are visually stunning and gameplay is very simple. The graphics are very high quality, and the sound-effects serve to provide a great level of immersion, no matter which type of device the player may be making use of to participate.

Like iPad pokies AU, the slot is available for free play as well as real betting, and players are occasionally able to take it for a test-run without having to register for an account with the casino offering it. The simplicity of play makes it a great option for players new to the world of online casino games, and allows for it be enjoyed almost anywhere.

Payouts for Playing Jenga Online

The amount that the player receives as a payout depends on what colour his or her winning blocks are. The most valuable ones are blue, providing a multiplier of 100, and any adjacent blue blocks will payout a multiplier of 120.

Should the Jenga tower collapse after winning blocks have randomly been removed then a free round is granted at the bet-level of the previous one.

There are special blocks in Cryptologic’s Jenga, and these add a level of excitement to the game. The so-called magic block renders adjacent ones monochrome and a layer bomb can explode two; four or eight levels of the tower. The highest payout possible for this game is 50 000 coins.