F1 or Formula 1 has seen a massive increase in betting since online sports betting has become popular. Whether you are an avid motorsport fan or just a keen bettor, F1 has fantastic markets with great action-packed racing for anybody to enjoy.


When starting to bet on formula one or any sport for that matter, one of the first key elements is the sportsbook you use. Choosing the right sportsbook can seem a bit daunting with the sheer number of sportsbooks available, but this is not the case. Most good sportsbooks today have very similar offers available; your main concerns will lay in the finer details.

  • Odds – Possibly the most important part of a sportsbook is the odds that they provide for you. These odds can make or break your betting adventure. It is common practice for bettors to have several sportsbooks they refer to when they would like to make a bet as different sportsbook have different algorithms and professionals to decide on the odds given to you. Be sure to look around when making a bet to find the best odds for yourself.
  • User experience – This is a broad scope but does need to be mentioned. The user experience in any sportsbook can change your perception of the sportsbook. When choosing a sportsbook look at a few reviews for the ease of use, availability on platforms and turnaround time when depositing or drawing money out. These may seem like small factors now but can go a long way in making your overall experience a pleasant one.


Another extremely important factor in any online betting event is the sport itself, F1 is no exception to this rule. If you are not already a fan of the sport, try to watch as many races as you can with other people who are passionate about the sport. The people around you who are passionate about F1 may have a lot of insight which could help you as a bettor.


F1 is in a somewhat unique circumstance when it comes to the rules for the cars. In normal cases the rules around the aerodynamics of a car can change as often as every year. While the changes are generally small, at this caliber of motorsport, they can make a large difference on track. Try to get to know the changes as well as you can and avoid betting on the very first time out with the changes.


When you plan to bet on F1 and you hope to win, research will always be your best ally. Below are a few of the key points you should be researching before you make your winning bets.

  • History – Results of previous years.
  • Cars – Changes to the cars and year on year updates. Knowing the general pace on different tracks can reveal a lot about the car’s setup.
  • Drivers – It’s no secret that F1 drivers aren’t perfect. Get to know their condition and mental state. This can affect the pace in a big way.