Betting on the AFL or Australian football league is a fun pastime for many bettors out there, but how do you take your bets from fun to profitable. In the below we will go over a few AFL betting tips to help you make the best bets you can make. Anybody can be profitable when betting on the AFL if they know how to make the right bets.

Research Is Key

As in all sports betting, at the end of the day the most important factor will be your research. Proper research and knowledge stands to make any bet you make a winning one. Below are few of the main key points you should be taking into consideration when doing your research

  • History – History may be the most important factor in any AFL game. It is important to know how the teams have performed at different events for at least the previous 4 years. While teams do change often, their performances tend to stay consistent more often than not.
  • Players – It is always a good idea to know the current performance metrics and state of any key players in teams you are planning to bet on. Depending on the number of teams you wish to bet on, this can go from an easy task to a full-time job.
  • Teams – While the star players will almost always find some way to separate themselves from the pack, the game isn’t just about the star players themselves. It is always important to know the performance metrics of the team as a whole when making your live betting decisions.
  • Location – Location can make a big difference to any match. We all know that due to travel fatigue and a seemingly natural confidence push, a home team will almost always have an advantage. That is not all there is too it, though. Weather conditions and the state of the field can also play a large roll in giving one side a slight advantage. It’s important to try to get to know how different teams perform in different conditions.

Finding Value

After having attained great information for your bets, the next big step is finding the right value for your bets. Value can come in several ways, chief of which will be the odds. It is common practice for bettors to have a few sportsbooks at the ready to find which one will give them the best odds for the bets they want to make. Another key element is to know the sway of the public.

At times if the public favours a team and bets in majority on only one team, this can sway the odds in dramatic ways. Learn to find these skewed odds and use them to your advantage.