Having children means going to pirate and princess themed kids parties at least a couple of times a year, but these themes are overdone and should be retired forever.

If you’re trying to come up with something different, we have the perfect solution: a casino themed party! Your kids’ party will become a magical event, illuminated by the neon lights of Las Vegas casinos and our guide makes it easy with ideas for invitations, supplies, decorations, snacks, and party favours.

Kids Casino Party Invitations

The first introduction your child’s guests will have to their party is the invitation, so it’s important that these are perfectly theme appropriate. Fortunately there are plenty of casino themed invitation templates available which can be personalised and printed, but you could always create your own invitations quite simply.

  • Purchase oversized playing cards and write all the party information on the card with a metallic gold permanent marker
  • Put the cards in red or black envelopes and write each child’s name on the envelope with a metallic silver permanent marker
  • Place gold star confetti in the envelopes along with the card invitation before the sealing the envelope for an extra special touch
  • Hand deliver each invitation to make each guest feel special

Kids Casino Party Supplies

Casino themed parties are incredibly popular so it shouldn’t be difficult to find casino themed party supplies, but here are a few ideas nonetheless.

Your must-have casino kids party supplies:

  • Paper or plastic cups printed with card suits
  • Red and black napkins
  • Casino-themed decorations such as deck of card garlands, oversized dice, and oversized casino chips

Additional supplies to ramp up the authenticity:

  • Aussie Dollar Bingo games
  • Chocolate coins
  • Playing cards
  • A poker table and chips
  • Fake money
  • Printed guides for the winning poker hands

Kids Casino Party Decorations

The right decorations will turn your kid’s casino themed party from average to spectacular. Whether you’re throwing a poker themed party or a general Las Vegas theme, here are a few decoration ideas:

  • Spread a deck of playing cards and poker chips as table scatters between the food and drinks
  • Cut out clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades from red and black cardboard and stick them up on the walls around the party area
  • Create an oversized playing card garland spelling out your child’s name
  • Purchase helium balloons printed with casino-themed patterns

Casino Party Decorations

Kids Casino Party Snacks

All kids love pizza, hamburgers, and hotdogs, but it’s a good idea to throw some casino themed snacks into the mix to add to the experience. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Serve finger foods on silver trays to create an extravagant feel.
  • Bake poker chip sugar cookies by starting with a basic sugar cookie recipe and adding red and blue food colouring to two batches of dough before baking. Pipe on card suits and allow to dry.
  • Serves meatballs, finger sandwiches, and small sized snacks or canapes to create an elegant feel.

Kids Casino Party Favours

You want your child’s guests to go home with something small as a token of appreciation for joining you on such a special day. Here are a few ideas:

  • Playing cards and dice
  • Mini milk bottles filled with red and black candies with a personalised thank you sticker
  • Personalised fridge magnets in a casino theme
  • Mini bottles of non-alcoholic champagne with a personalised label

Have fun!