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The History of Harrahs Metropolis

Harrahs Metropolis is a riverboat casino and hotel on the Ohio River, near Metropolis Indiana. When the casino opened in 1994, it was originally called The Players Island Casino, and was owned by Merv Griffin, a casino magnate of the 90’s. The casino was originally housed on a vessel named the North Star, but in 2006 Caesars World decided to move the entire casino to a new land based complex. This of course was a bit difficult to do with the states laws that all casinos and casino games must be over water. Caesars achieved this by inserting water bladders under the casino, thus technically still complying with the law. The North Star was sold on to a private buyer.

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Boxcars – A Bet Explained for Craps Players

Boxcars, also known as Midnight, Cornrows or Twelve Craps, is a bet where players wager on the shooter rolling a 12, or a six on each of the two dice. The way the dots appear on the dice looks like a rectangle, or a box, like a boxcar, or rows of corn, which is how some of the names for this bet originated. Midnight comes in because 12 o’clock is midnight. This is a favourite bet, but one of the hardest to win. Only one combination is possible, out of all the outcomes of rolling the dice that can result in a 12, so the odds of that happening are one in thirty six. Payouts are only thirty to one, so because of this the house edge is a hefty 13.89%. This is not good news for any player, since the casino wins more frequently because of the profit margin.

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Reasons Why People Love Gambling at Casinos in Belgium

Belgium is not a country known for its casinos as say America is. That being said they do have a few notable ones. The main thing you need to know about casinos in Belgium is how strict they are. To get in the door you have to show proof of ID, either in the form of a passport or a Belgian ID document. Your photo and fingerprints will then be taken and only after all of that will you be allowed to walk through the door. There are only nine full casinos in the whole of Belgium, the rest only offer gaming machines and are thus classed as gaming halls, not casinos.

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Lady for a Night – The 1942’s Film in Detail

In today’s modern society, land based and online casinos have become extremely popular and are seen as an acceptable form of entertainment. However this was not always the case. Not too long ago, gambling was frowned upon within many social circles. A woman’s involvement in the casino industry was certainly considered taboo. These are the main themes that are explored in the classic 1942 American Film called Lady for a Night. This black and white film stars Joan Blondell and John Wayne and was received with much enthusiasm by both film critics and the public.

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